The Fibonacci Revelation


A mysterious coded poem - attached to a 1954 archived photo of the National Service riots in Singapore - sets off a chain of events that unravels secrets from the past. 


Disparate clues are connected by only one thing - concepts linked to the Fibonacci sequence. As Clara and Owen decipher what the clues mean, they find themselves looking into Singapore’s dark past - the time the dreaded Kempeitai reigned and communism held its sway.

Nightmare on Eat Street


It is rumoured among foodies that there is a unique eatery offering cuisine that is truly out of this world. They say that it’s somewhere in the Lesser Yiwill Road area, but all you find there is the unspeakable Leopard Eating House and its generally inedible menu. 


But they’re not rumours. The Eat Street Dining Club does exist – and it does offer fare that defies the human palate. It has to – since its patrons are either undead, reanimated or generally supernatural. 


When a new resident joins the group, her presence isn’t welcomed by everybody in the Club. The newcomer has a dark secret and it’s going to be revealed in an explosive confrontation...



Penned by a 14-year-old author, RUN is a modern-day Hansel and Gretel story that tackles the themes of food shortage, genetically-modfied crops, and the ethics of survival in a world where adults have abandoned their children in the desperate attempt to save themselves. 

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