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PSLE English Exam Prep Course by Eliza Teoh

For Pri 6 students in 2023

For students tired of rote memorisation and boring lessons. Former journalist and national bestselling author Eliza Teoh's course will equip students with writing skills and help them build a strong foundation in English. The course is specially created for Pri 6 students sitting for PSLE in 2023.

The Paper 1 Course focuses on writing and composition skills.

Paper 2 Course focuses on grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.

All classes are conducted ONLINE via Zoom.



Paper 1:

Every Tuesday, 7pm - 9pm

Every Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm (NO SLOTS AVAILABLE)

Paper 2:

Every Monday, 7pm - 9pm

Every Saturday, 9am - 11am (NO SLOTS AVAILABLE)


$350 every month for 4x 2-hour sessions ($378 after GST)

Registration fee: $20 ($21.6 after GST)

Class Size:

Capped at 12 students

*Registration closes when slots are filled


The courses will start on the week of 5 Feb 2023. They run for 8 months till September. Fees are paid monthly.

For more information and to register, click on button below or


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