the third book in the RUNHIDESEEK trilogy

Zee, aka Kay, is on the run again. Someone is sending more soldiers after the group. The Eaters are changing and always hungry. Her abilities are growing in strange ways. Food is running out.


As they get closer to figuring out the clues left behind by Zee's mom, their optimism is shattered when one of their group dies unexpectedly. Wracked by guilt and grief, the group takes to running again. In the hopes of finding some answers, in the hopes of finding some peace, they run.


It is time to seek the truth.


the second book in the RUNHIDESEEK trilogy

Now she remembers. She remembers what she has to do – and what she discovers could hold the key to why everything on Earth is dead. But first, she needs to decode her mom’s bizarre and cryptic clues. Then, she needs to decide... should she tell the group and put them at risk? Should she set off alone or take everyone with her? 


Out in the dead world, a horrifying new breed of Eaters is emerging, and strange soldiers are hunting for her. Running is no longer an option.


the first book in the RUNHIDESEEK trilogy

The scientists got it DEAD wrong. Their work in genetics has unleashed something that has killed off every living thing… except humans.

Somewhere in Singapore, a 15-year-old wakes up with no memory, except that there is something she needs to do. With nowhere to go, she joins a band of young survivors to hunt food and stay alive. But is that enough? Some adults are changing… developing a new kind of hunger.

The only way out? RUN.

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