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Exlosers #4: The Lunchbox Thief

Exlosers #4: The Lunchbox Thief

Fourth book in the Extraordinary Loser Series. Things are going missing. Wallets. Watches. And, weirdly, lunchboxes. The victims? All Primary 1 children. Darryl, Clandestino, Mundi and Janice – now in Primary 6 – can’t bear to stand idly by. A trap is set to nab the thief, but it backfires and they find themselves facing a dangerous adversary. Will they uncover the devious plot and unravel the mystery of the Lunchbox Thief?

  • Product info

    ISBN: 978-981-09-4103-1

    Extent: 144 pp

    Format: Paperback

  • Author/illustrator info

    Jessica Alejandro is the only author to have been twice nominated for Singapore's highest children's book award - the Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award. Formerly a curriculum writer for assessment book publishers, Jessica is now an educator in private practice.


    A curious observer who enjoys exploring the bigger picture through refreshing angles, Cherryn never lets up on her vision of using the visual language to create change and start conversations.

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