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The Fibonacci Revelation by Radhika Puri

The Fibonacci Revelation by Radhika Puri

Besties Clara and Owen stumble upon a mysterious coded poem - attached to a 1954 archived photo of the National Service riots in Singapore. It sets off a chain of events that unravels secrets from the past.

The clues seem disparate... until Clara and Owen realise it's all somehow linked to the Fibonacci sequence. To find the answers, they have to dig deep into Singapore’s dark past - the time the dreaded Kempeitai reigned and communism held its sway.

  • Product info

    ISBN: 978-981-09-7092-5

    Extent: 252 pp

    Format: Paperback

  • Author info

    Radhika Puri is an award-winning business journalist. While working in India, she won the World Press Institute Media fellowship, which gives journalists a  chance to travel around the United States. In 2002, she won the Polestar award, an Indian award for excellence in journalism, for her coverage of the Internet phenomenon that year. She moved to Singapore in 2007 and worked at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy as a research associate. 

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