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Robozonic #6: Forest on Fire

Robozonic #6: Forest on Fire

Award-nominated author Caline Tan is back with the latest addition to the Robozonic series.


Mabel loves surprises, especially animal surprises. So when a monkey appears in school, Mabel is delighted and fascinated, until it follows her to class and jumps on her teacher’s head!

But a much bigger surprise is in store for her at home. While annoying her brother Marcus by singing too loudly – and swiping his Nerf guns for her school carnival game stall – she hears a noise…

Has Robozonic really returned?

  • Product info

    ISBN: 9789811176517

    Extent: 172 pp

    Format: Paperback

  • Author info

    Caline Tan was an English teacher with the Ministry of Education for 10 years. She now stays connected with children through her Robozonic series of children’s books. Caline’s concern for the environment comes through in her books, which contain a strong conservation message. Her books also contain “robodictor” bubbles which explain the difficult words in the story.

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