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Letter Friends: X and O are BFFs!
  • Letter Friends: X and O are BFFs!

    This adorable book is the first in the Letter Friends series by first-time author Lynette Teo. While A always gets to be first and Z has the final say, X and O are the quiet overachievers of the lot. X and O are B.F.F.s! is a warm and light-hearted tale about X and O—best friends, partners in crime, the yin and the yang. This story is an engaging read about how X and O together, have a role in the language of love, music and play..

    • Product info

      ISBN: 978-981-14-0716-1

      Extent: 44 pp

      Format: Paperback

    • Author/illustrator info

      When Lynette isn’t thinking up fun escapades for her Letter Friends, she is editing children’s books by other amazing authors. She is also a lucky mom to an eight-year-old aspiring author/veterinarian who inspires her to be better every day.


      Xinnie creates and concots illustrative designs that brew a balance a love for the handdrawn and digital. Her background in art, industrial design and intense people-watching guide her creative process and perspective.

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