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Fossil Finders 6: Predators Paradise

Fossil Finders 6: Predators Paradise

This is the 6th and newest book in the Fossil Finders series!


Samual and Anna are stuck with Baby Norus in prehistoric Argentina, a beautiful land filled with dinosaurs on the hunt for their next meal. Without anything to help, and no word from their time dinosaur Big-T, they are on their own.


Samuel and Anna tiptoe through boiling hot poisonous springs, evade a terrifying abelisaur, fend off a pack of raptors and come face to face with the ferocious Spinosaurus!


  • Product info

    ISBN: 978-981-18-8746-8

    Extent: 168 pp

    Format: Paperback

  • Author/illustrator info

    Andy Chua is a 3D artist and freelance designer and writer. He has been collecting fossils since he was 20 and now owns over 450 fossil specimens. As a pioneer member of Singapore Fossils Collectors, he is regularly invited to give talks on dinosaurs and prehistoric life.

    Theodora Hui loves illustrating books. She also wields her paintbrush as an art instrructor, a caricaturist, and a kid's face painter.

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