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Ellie Belly 8 (chinese)

Ellie Belly 8 (chinese)

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Translated into chinese with hanyu pinyin


Ellie Belly in is Primary 2! And she does NOT like it! Why did Teacher make her the class monitress? And why can't bossy Megan stop nagging? Just when things can't get any worse, Ellie spots a weird creature struggling in the canal outside her school...

  • Author info

    Eliza Teoh, a former journalist and sub-editor with The Straits Times, is best known for her national bestselling children's book series, Ellie Belly, which has sold more than 90,000 copies to date. 


    Bluewolfe, or David Liew, is a multi-disciplinary artist and creator. His first love is still illustrating, as it offers another dimension to the beauty of the writing.


    Yang Shu Hung is a Chinese teacher, as well as a freelance translator and interpretor. She loves both the English and Chinese languages.

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