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Exlosers #3: Captive in the Dark

Exlosers #3: Captive in the Dark

The 3rd book in the Extraordinary Losers series by award-winning author Jessica Alejandro. It is Sports Day and Clandestino can't wait for his time to shine! He must win the race! But he is sabotaged! Before disappointment can set in, some alarming discovery hits the
losers" - one of them is missing! It is a race against time to find their kidnapped friend, and find the kidnapper.

  • Product info

    ISBN: 978-981-07-7373-1

    Extent: 136 pp

    Format: Paperback

  • Author/illustrator info

    Jessica Alejandro is the only author to have been twice nominated for Singapore's highest children's book award - the Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award. Formerly a curriculum writer for assessment book publishers, Jessica is now an educator in private practice.


    Often inspired by nostalgia and ordinary daily musings, LXY gets excited by blank sheets of paper, neatly kerned typography and showers of inspirations.

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