The much-anticipated Ellie Belly Series 2 starts with Otter Out of Water. Ellie Belly in is Primary 2! And she does NOT like it! Why did Teacher make her the class monitress? And why can't bossy Megan stop nagging? Just when things can't get any worse, Ellie spots a weird creature struggling in the canal outside her school...

Written by national best-selling author Eliza Teoh and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Wolfe (David Liew), Otter Out of Water sees Ellie Belly one year older - she's in Primary 2! This story retains all the fun and hilarious diary stories - written by Elodie Kyra (Eliza's daughter, also known as the real-life Ellie) - and educational moments such as grammar tips and facts on otters.

Ellie Belly #8: Otter Out of Water