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Bubbly Books Open Call



If you love telling a good story, be it through words or images, we want you!

Bubbly Books is embarking on a new publishing platform that will allow for books to be personalised.  

 We are looking for 5 authors and 5 artists to help create these books.

Closing date: 15 Dec 2021


For submissions, please email with the relevant information under the subject header "Bubbly Books Open Call".

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you tell me more about the project?

This new publishing platform will allow for books to be personalised, such as having selected portions of text and illustrations |
in the book customisable.


For example, a parent could choose to customise a story such that their child is the main character in the story. Our team of software developers is also working on a way to allow for the character to be customised so that it looks like the child.


As a start, we are looking, in particular for:

  • Picture books (for children)

  • Illustrated books (for adults)

  • Chapter books (for young children)


What do authors have to submit?

  • Your CV, including any details of your writing (if any)

  • Two short writing samples (published or unpublished works are okay)

  • Story concept (optional)


What do artists/illustrators have to submit?

  • Your CV, including experience as artist/illustrator

  • Your art portfolio showing your range of preferred styles

  • Story concept (optional)


What is the award for?

Authors will receive an award of $2,000 while artists will receive an award of between $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the complexity and total number of illustrations needed for the story.


This award will represent an advance against royalties earned from eventual sales of the book.


When will the book be published?

We are aiming for the books to be ready by the June 2022. We expect the first draft of the story by Feb 2022 and first draft sketch of illustrations by March 2022.


Can an author choose to work with an artist or will you pair us up?

We reserve the right to choose the author/artist pairing but we will certainly take your preference into account.


Do I have to come up with my own story idea or concept?

We have a few story concepts in mind but are open to hearing your ideas, if you’re comfortable to share them.


If I am an author as well as artist, can I work on the book on my own?

If your artwork and writing style is what we are looking for, yes. Otherwise, we may still pair you up to work with another author or artist.


Who will own the copyright to the story and artwork?

Text and artwork copyright will belong to the content creators. We will own the exclusive right to publish the work.


What if I do not get selected this round? Can I still offer up a story idea for a customisable book?

Yes, we are working on developing a wide range of customisable books. If you do not get the award, we would still be happy to consider your concept for publishing on our new platform.

Can you give me an example of what you are looking for?

The following websites give an idea of what we are doing – but we will not be focusing entirely on children. We are also looking to create books for teens, adults and other occasion books (birthday, anniversary, Teachers’ Day for example).





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