Extraordinary Losers Series by Jessica Alejandro

Operations Pants on Fire

ISBN: 978-981-07-3646-0
Extent: 140 pp
Format: Paperback

So they are just a little different. A tall 11-year-old with eeeeww habits. A drama and donut queen. A brainy ultimate nerd. A kid obsessed with poetry. Okay, maybe not a little different. A LOT different, with a whole load of weird thrown in. But when they form an unexpected alliance, the incredible happens. And it all begins with a mysterious note…

Vandal Scandal

ISBN: 978-981-07-6328-2
Extent: 140 pp
Format: Paperback

They are back again. Darryl, Clandestino, Mundi and Janice! This time, strange and dangerous events are happening in Brightstar school. The whole school is at risk. Time is running out and they have to uncover the truth before one of them gets framed! But first, they have to compete in a dreaded basketball match against the PROS! Can they be Extraordinary? Will their powers help or hinder them?

Captive in the Dark

ISBN: 978-981-07-7373-1

Extent: 136 pp

Format: Paperback

It is Sports Day and Clandestino is up against the PROS in the ultimate Brightstar Primary School race! This may be his chance to finally lose his ‘loser’ status.  Then, one of the exLosers is taken captive and can’t be found. Someone out there is playing games of a different sort. Who could be behind this sinister act? Can the Extraordinary Losers outplay the kidnapper at his deadly game and save their friend?

The Lunchbox Thief

ISBN: 978-981-09-4103-1

Extent: 144 pp

Format: Paperback

Things are going missing. Wallets. Watches. And weirdly, lunchboxes.

The victims? All Primary 1 children. Is this how Brightstar Primary School welcomes its new students?The Exlosers can’t bear to stand idly by. A trap is set to nab the thief. But it backfires and, now, they are in trouble themselves! Will they uncover the devious plot? Will they be able to stop the Lunchbox Thief?

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