The Ellie Belly Series by Eliza Teoh


Nominated for Popular bookstore’s Readers Choice Award 2011

Ellie Belly: Follow That Bird

Eliza Teoh

ISBN: 978-981-07-3168-7

Extent: 136 pp

Format: Paperback


Ellie Belly is a spirited 7-year-old who loves doodling in class, when the teacher is not looking. Ellie has a big secret. She can talk to animals! One day, she hears a cry for help. It is a sunbird and she is in big, big trouble! Together with her best friend Cammy, Ellie sets out to help Sunbird and save the day.


Ellie Belly: Cat’s Out of the Bag

Eliza Teoh

ISBN: 978-981-07-0393-6

Extent: 148 pp

Format: Paperback



What a CATastrophe! The principal catches Cammy and Ellie wandering around the school after recess. But the two girls are not actually up to any mischief. All they want to do is to help a little kitten find its way back to its Mama.Can they accomplish their mission before that busybody Megan tells on them?


Ellie Belly: Turtle Trouble

Eliza Teoh

ISBN: 978-981-07-2644-7

Extent: 140 pp

Format: Paperback



Ellie discovers NEWS from a little turtle: the turtles at The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum aregoing to lose their home! She need to help them. Unfortunately, her best friend Cammy is not speaking to her. And her big sister Gabby wants Ellie to stop harassing her. What is Ellie going to do?


The Straits Times Bestseller List (Nov 2012)

Ellie Belly: A Little Bit Batty

Eliza Teoh

ISBN: 978-981-07-2645-4

Extent: 136 pp

Format: Paperback


Ellie’s favourite teacher Mrs Goh is away on course. In her place, Class 1J has a relief teacher, Mrs Batt, who is really quite BATTY! Mrs Batt sends Ellie and Cammy out of the class for no good reason. They have to stand outside for an entire day! And then… Ellie hears someone call her name. Who could it be? Has someone come to help her?


Straits Times Bestseller
Top 10 Readers’ Choice Awards 2013

Ellie Belly: Huffy Puffy Panda

Eliza Teoh ISBN: 978-981-07-5527-0

Extent: 144 pp

Format: Paperback



Class 1J is having a super exciting day. They are on a field trip to see the giant pandas, Wan Wan and En En!

Then, Ellie hears a strange sound. First, a GRR! Then a cr-cr-creepy WAIL. The animals are getting agitated.

Join Ellie and Cammy at the zoo!


Top 10 Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

Ellie Belly: Mousey Mayhem

Eliza Teoh

ISBN: 978-981-07-7372-4

Extent: 140 pp

Format: Paperback


Ellie has a BIG small problem. Her best friend Cammy finds a baby mouse in class. He says that his whole family is trapped! Meanwhile, their teacher Mrs Goh is going grammar crazy! She’s tense about tenses and cruel about plurals! Find out if Ellie and Cammy survive her worksheets AND help the mice before they starve!


ISBN: 978-981-09-1641-1

Extent: 160 pp

Format: Paperback

Genre: Children’s Fiction (6-10 years)


Ellie finds out from Snowy about dogs stuck on a puppy farm with no food! She needs to find the farm, buy lots of doggie food and get it to the dogs. But she’s supposed to be in bed... sick! Are the dogs doomed? How is she going to explain to Mama? Can she get out of this doggie disaster?

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