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Picture Book Workshops: Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are the workshops held?
All workshops will be held at the And Mo Kio Library Meeting Room.


























2. Who will conduct the workshops?
All workshops are conducted by the team behind the national best-selling Ellie Belly series: Author Eliza Teoh and Artist David Liew.


3. How much are the workshops?
Workshops fees are $800 ($856 including GST). This fee includes workshop sessions and materials.

Optional book printing fee is $1,400 ($1,498 including GST). This fee covers book production (digital scanning, book layout, editing and design), ISBN registration and printing costs.


4. If I opt for book printing, how many books will my child get at the end of the workshop?
All participants will receive 10 copies of their own book. Additional copies may be purchased at $200 per 10 copies. Participants will also receive a PDF version of the book.


5. Will I be able to sell my child's book?
As the book is ISBN registered, you may sell the book. You may also approach retail shops to carry your child's book.


6. Who owns the copyright of the book produced by my child?
The book will be ISBN registered under your child's name. Your child owns the full copyright and intellectual property contained in the book.


7. Can my child under 9 years old join the workshop?
No. This workshop is only available to children aged 9-12 years old. We may open up workshops targeted at younger children later in the year. Please check back here for updates on our events and workshops.


8. Why are there so few places available?
To maximise your child's learning experience, we are keeping the classes small.


9. If I don't secure a slot, how do I ensure a place in the next round of workshops?
All received registrations are date and time stamped. You will be waitlisted according to your preferred date and time. Should you not get a slot, you will be offered a place in our next round of workshops and also be placed on our Mailing List to receive updates on all our events and workshops.


10. Can we pay in advance to secure a slot in the next workshop?

No. You should submit a registration to secure a spot on our Waiting List. When places are available, you will be notified.


11. If I made payment but my child cannot attend the workshop, can I get a refund?
You will receive a refund less $120 administrative fee if you withdraw your child at least one week before the start of the first workshop session. If you withdraw mid-way during the workshop, there will be no refund.


12. If my child misses a session, will there be a replacement session?

There will be no replacement sessions as these are all one-off sessions. Children who miss a class will be caught up on what he/she missed during subsequent sessions.


13. Will Bubbly Books be willing to retail my child's book?
You may request for your child's book to be listed for sale on the Bubbly Books webstore at However, the book will not bear the Bubbly Books logo or branding. Bubbly Books will be entitled to 30% of the sales proceeds. Do note that standard shipping and handling fees, as well as GST charges, applies to all purchases made on our website.


14. If my child's book shows potential, will you publish it?

Children whose works show promise and potential may be offered a publishing deal.


15. Who can I approach for more details on the workshop?
You may email any additional questions to:



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