Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the audiobook narrators?

A: All our audiobook narrators are carefully selected for their clarity in reading and pronunciation, and engaging storytelling style. Our narrators are from UK, USA and Singapore.

Q: Why are audiobooks more expensive than print books?

A: Audiobooks need to be produced in a studio, and storytellers/narrators are professional voice actors that command a high fee for their work.

Q: What format is the audiobook in? Do I need a special app to listen to it?

A: Our audiobooks are in MP3 format, similar to music files. You do not need any special app to open the files. They can be played on any audio player on your phone or computer.

Q: Do I own the book or is this a streaming service?

A: When you buy an audiobook from Bubbly Books, you will get a link to download the file. You will own this file forever. Unlike other audiobook distributors, you do not have to pay any subscription fee to stream our audiobooks. You will simply download the file and it is yours to keep.

Q: How come the download link doesn't work anymore?

A: When you buy an audiobook from us, the download link will only work for two weeks. And you are only allowed to use the download link three times (you may download the file to three devices). If you have forgotten to download the audiobook you purchased, please email us to send you a new link.


Q: Can I listen to your audiobooks on apps like Audible or Overdrive?

A: No, those apps only allow you to listen to audiobooks that you purchase/borrow directly from them. Those apps do not allow you to import any other audiobook files.

Q: If I am using an Android phone, are there any audiobook players or apps I can use to open the audiobook file?

A: Yes, there are many free audiobook players available that allow you to open our audiobook files. These include mAbook, Voice, Smart and Simple (available for download on Google Play). Audiobook apps allow you to pause, place bookmarks as well as adjust the reading speed.