Robozonic #5: Dragonfly Rescue (Display Copy)
  • Robozonic #5: Dragonfly Rescue (Display Copy)

    Slight damages like small scratches, creases and tears, but generally in great condition. Limited in stock, get them now before it's too late!


    The 5th and concluding book in the Robozonic series by award-nominated author Caline Tan.Mabel and Julie can't wait to star in their very first school play! Mabel gets to play the evil witch while Julie is eyeing the part of the princess!But just before rehearsals, Mabel disappears! Who has taken her? And where is Robozonic? Has the evil Dr Kong finally captured him? Can Julie and Marcus save them in time? Will Robozonic finally find his way back to the year 2111?+ Robodictor to explain difficult words throughout the book!

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