Carefully sourced by our agent in China. These 4-layer earloop KN95 masks can protect you well from PM10, PM2.5, and smaller particles. Each pack contains 10 pieces. It is more fitting than a surgical mask and has a better filtering ability.


A KN95 mask can be reused over a few days, provided it is kept clean.


Very limited stock. Each buyer may only purchase 1 pack.


Manufactured by a reputable and certified company, these masks are tested for quality (see report). The masks comply with the Chinese Standard GB2626-2006. They are made with non-woven meltblown fibre which filters out harmful particles.


KN95 masks adhere to the same standards as:

  • Australia's P2 standard
  • USA's N95 Niosh standard
  • UK's FFP2 standard

KN95 Mask

  • Due to hygiene and safety reasons, all sales are final. Masks may not be exchanged or returned.

    Orders above maximum quantities will be cancelled.