HIDE by Gabby Tye     (Display Copy)
  • HIDE by Gabby Tye (Display Copy)

    Folds and dents here and there, but these display copies are otherwise in great condition.
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    The exciting sequel to RUN by 15-year-old author Gabby Tye.


    Now she remembers... but things aren’t easier.


    She remembers what she has to do – and what she discovers could hold the key to why everything on Earth is dead. But first, she needs to decode her mom’s bizarre and cryptic clues. Then, she needs to decide... should she tell the group and put them at risk? Should she set off alone or take everyone with her?


    She remembers who she is, how she left Camp Zero and where her strange abilities come from. But all these come with memories of her past with Connor. Must she now choose between Connor and Jae?


    Out in the dead world, a horrifying new breed of Eaters is emerging, and strange soldiers are hunting for her.

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