We love books! And we believe that all children deserve to have access to books. This is why we are working with schools to launch the Gift A Book SG
initiative. With your help, we aim to put 5,000 books in the hands of less privileged children. By making a donation, you are not only helping buy a child
a book, you are also supporting the local authors/artists who created the book.

Please scroll down to see the list of participating schools.


*For details on FAS scheme, please visit

**Bubbly Books will absorb 20% of the total cost + paypal transaction fee + delivery fee. Your donations will cover the remaining cost of the books.




If you want to be part of Gift A Book SG, please fill in this declaration form as well as the book order form.


Submit the forms to or email us for any enquiries.

To view Bukit Merah Secondary's declaration of participation, please click here.