Elodie Kyra


Elodie is a 15-year-old secondary student. She is also known as the real-life Ellie Belly and the inspiration for her mother Eliza Teoh's bestselling Ellie Belly series. Her elder sister Gabby Tye is also a national bestselling author. Not to be outdone, she decided to start writing too.


She wrote and illustrated all the diary stories in Ellie Belly #8: Otter Out of Water. Rage is her first novel.


If Elodie is not in bed sleeping, chances are, you will find her in a dance studio rehearsing for her next performance or competition. Some other random things she likes to do include: sniffing the bottom of a dog's paws, recording herself singing, doodling and baking.  Follow Elodie on Instagram: @sneepies

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