Amonster02 is a boy who is pretty obsessed with stuff most people would find a little way out for most teens to be obsessed about, you know, like natural history, mythology, Tolkien and World War II. But he’s not all freaky. He is obsessed with soccer and movies too, just like a lot of other boys! He loves to hang out with his mum and their favourite pastime is spinning stories together while playing tunes on Spotify.


Who is Mum? Well, she’s the one who controls the amount of time Amonster02 is allowed to spend on the iPad and iPhone, and who turns into a fire-breathing monster when homework is not done before bedtime. Mum has a job outside the home in communications and marketing (thank goodness or she’ll drive Amonster02 berserk). Before that, she used to be a journalist – for a Singapore newspaper a long time ago and most recently for the BBC.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.